Jobs fill our pockets but adventures fill our souls.

My Story

Traveling is a part of me and I make my home wherever I go.

I have always been drawn to traveling – which is not a unique or profound character trait. Most people are. It’s fun to take awesome trips!  But eventually, I realized that I wanted to turn it into a way of life. And so I did!

I have been to all seven continents and had the honor and privilege of living and working on five of them. I made the permanent shift to life on the road back in 2015 and since then I have been following my heart (and often my stomach) to people, places, and cultures that speak to me. I live for the everyday tasks that become daunting feats in new countries. Sometimes I literally can’t figure out how to open a door (or maybe I’m just bad at doors because this happens to me often…).

But these past few years have challenged me in ways that I couldn’t have predicted. I have done a lot of learning and (possibly even more) unlearning and have felt many, many feels. Through the things I’ve experienced to the stories I’ve heard and the people I’ve met, shock, guilt, anger, sadness, hopelessness, fear, and resentment, are just a few of those feelings.

And on the other side of those feelings? Humility, appreciation, wonder, astonishment, hope, empathy, and pure joy have come from better understanding and connecting to this big, wild world we live in. Travel means something different to everyone and we even take away different things from the exact same experience.

I am so passionate about the transformative power of travel and want to make it feel easier and more accessible for people just like you to find whatever it is that travel means to you.

And so, Brio Travel was born.

My Vision

Brio Travel crafts unique experiences for those seeking meaningful, memorable, responsible travel.

Brio comes from the Italian/Spanish word “equilibrio” which means balance. Both languages hold a special place in my heart and the principle is one that I strongly value in all aspects of life. Whether it is work and play, junk food and gym, saying yes to opportunities but setting your own boundaries, or anything and everything in between, nothing is black and white.

And when it comes to travel, it’s no different. Travel opens our minds, enriches our lives and stimulates economies but it often comes at a price of the environment and local people.

Brio is here to help give you that work-travel balance you’ve been looking for with unique and meaningful trips. I’m working with both sides to ensure that you’re getting everything you want out of your trip and that it’s also benefiting the community and the planet.

Get excited to create long-lasting memories by building connections and diving deeper into the new places you explore!

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Buenos Aires, Argentina

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